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1.  Dew Gathering      (Water Song)

2. Spirit Friends  (Full Circle)

3. Leaving   (Full Circle)

5.Improvisation in A Minor   (Frances with Kati Gleiser)   

6.Sweet Delight    (Mandalélé, song by Wendi)

7. Forgiving Our Fathers     

(song collage: Frances, vocals: John Miller, poem by Dick Lourie read by Tim Sauder)

8. Be Thou My Vision         

(instrumental improvisation based on traditional melody:
Frances, Wendell Miller, Durelle Leaman)



-more music from Mandalélé
(Frances, Wendi Sirat and Lorraine Duisit):


nothing beats playing the car spring with percussionist extraordinaire, Ron Kravitz and Wendi Sirat on the bluffs of the Susquehanna River for the PA women's music festival



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1. Water Song (2009)  
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Features the rare and mesmorizing sounds of the hang drum along with layers of strings.  Improvisational compositions.

Frances- hang drum, voice, violin, viola
David Darling (grammy award winner,2010) - cello
Ron Kravitz - hang drum

Water Song is also available for purchase online 

"From the opening strings of groundwater to the closing hang drum melodies of lifewater, Water Song floats through the lifts and drops of a dreamlike ambiance. This beautifully layered collection of hang drum and strings is the perfect soundtrack to a peacefully tranquil evening."
- Jason Mundok, Wood Stove House


2. Full Circle (2006)      
Click here to listen:  Spirit Friends         Leaving

Songs about the soul's journey back home,engaging a wide range of emotional landscapes and musical textures.  Songs and lyrics by Frances.  

Frances - voice, violin and hang  
Kati Gleiser - piano and vocals
Nathan Harman-drums


3. River of Tears (2004)

-Based on music Frances wrote for theatre and inspired by stories of the atrocities of war and the resilience of the human spirit.  Classical, Celtic and Eastern European influences.

Frances - violin
Jesse Stoltzfus - violin

". . . all who hear River of Tears will be captured by the gorgeous melodies and outstanding musicianship . . . leaving an amazing testimony of hope against the dire ruins of war."
–Jason Hoffman, Heartland Art, Entertainment & Recreation

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